For Professional Partners

I want to join your ranks. Where do I start?

Awesome! Send us a short overview of your professional background, service offerings, and availability. We know you're busy, so it's absolutely up to you to decide how much pro-bono work you are willing and able to give each month.

If your services are a good fit, we'll get you up on our website, where interested organizations can find and reach out to you directly. That's it! From there, you negotiate your own offerings, schedule, and length of service.

Thank you for your time, your talents, and your commitment to real change. You are making the future a brighter place.

Is there a minimum time or service commitment to become a partner?

We ask for a minimum commitment of 2 hours per month, per partner. However, what you offer, and to whom, is totally up to you. We want to be sure partners have the freedom to pursue work that is fulfilling and important to them.

What if I get busy, take on other projects, or I just want to take some time off?

Cool! If you know you're going to be slammed with your own work, or you're headed off on vacation, but you'd like to stay listed on our site, just send us an email. We'll put a note under your listing indicating that you're currently unavailable, as a partner. When you're ready and able again, give us a shout.

If your work for a pro-bono organization becomes too much, or the partnership is just not working for you, let them know directly. You are not contractually obligated (through us) to continue working with one another, unless you have negotiated a unique agreement to do so.

Other Questions or concerns?

Get in touch!

For Partner Organizations

I am interested in working with one of your partners. Where do I start?

Great! If you see a partner listed, who looks like a good fit for your needs, feel free to get in touch with them directly via their "Contact" button. If you don't see a partner, who offers services you need, give us a shout. We will try our best to refer you to others in the community, who can help.

We are honored to support the work you do. You are making the future a brighter place.

What if I need more help than my partner can provide?

The details of services and scheduling are 100% between you and your partner. If, after engaging with a partner, you need more support, consider revisiting our list to find other professionals, who have the skills or availability you're looking for.

What if I want to end work with my partner?

These things happen! Remember, the terms of your work with your partner are between the two of you. You are not contractually obligated (through us) to continue working with your partner, unless you have negotiated a unique agreement with them to do so.

Other Questions or Concerns?

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