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We often hear how quickly and dramatically brands are moving towards digital-first or digital-forward communication strategies in order to meet consumers "where they are." 

For healthcare systems and higher ed institutions, this can mean uncomfortable internal reorganization. It can mean big shifts in budget and human capital - a tremendous lift for some of our large, decentralized organizations.

Beyond your "consumer"

We also know disparate work groups, including media relations, human resources and your C-suite, need to increase their social media sophistication level. Your current and prospective students, your faculty and staff and your recruits are looking to engage, to build, to advocate for your organization across the social web.

Does your culture beget this kind of brand loyalty?  Moreover, does your employee-base have the tools and resources they need to use social media safely and effectively?

Evolve or Die

The teams who transition successfully will invest in the process and the people. They'll commit to change management resources, robust internal communications and T-shaped new hires (eg. creative analysts, data content strategists, digital project managers etc.). 

Perhaps more importantly, the teams who will "win this social arms race" will have courage to try and fail in the digital space. Then, they will try again.

They know failure means learning and that the benefits of strategic and authentic social engagement greatly outweigh the risks.

It's just good business

Your supporters, whether legislative or donor-based, community partners or commercial vendors, are all evaluating your brand's digital footprint as an indication of market share and commitment to organizational innovation.

The healthcare and higher ed industries are shifting - grant monies are shrinking - and fostering these online relationships will have real impact on your company's bottom line. I guarantee it.

Join us

The Med|Ed Digital team specializes in social strategy for these highly regulated industries. We bring a passion for creative content and consumer insights, along with deep platform and analytics experience.

If your team is struggling with governance, with community building, with risk management or employee education, we'd love to help. Get in touch.



Jess Columbo

Principal, Med|Ed Digital