Strategist. Writer. Geek.


Part problem-solver, part poet, Jess Columbo is known for her love of storytelling and digital analytics. Jess has spent more than a decade creating award-winning digital and social marketing strategies for national brands, institutions, and non-profits. 

She holds an M.A. in Digital Journalism and teaches Digital Writing, PR, and Content Strategy at local universities. In her spare time, Jess sits on the board of the Oregon Symphony, The Blanchet House, and Healthcare Communicators Northwest.

Follow Jess on Twitter @JessColumbo or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Jess is one of the brightest and most talented people in digital today. Her ability to find rich insights in dense data and develop successful social media strategies on behalf of clients sets her apart.
— J. Scott, Director of Marketing
Jess has an amazing brain for digital strategy. I was constantly impressed by her ability to come up with strategic digital solutions for our clients on any budget.
— S. Lemmon, PR Consultant

We believe in great storytelling and conversation.

Build and protect your reputation by inviting your customers to invest in it with you. Community is at the core of what we do.

We believe social isn't free.

Building robust, engaged online communities will be your most economically sustainable and effective marketing strategy. Social media requires an investment in relationship and a commitment to do better, when we know better.

We believe in data and in failing fast.

Effective social media measurement allows you to optimize outreach, course-correct costly inefficiencies and better serve your customers.

We believe in great service.

Social media is immediate. It is intimate. It should be responsive, as your customers’ needs change. It should be thoughtfully curated and targeted to meet your customers where they are.

We believe in your brand and your bottom line.

You can and should have both: Great social will drive real business growth through compelling, inclusive narrative.


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